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Phone: +1 904-940-1441

Address: 559 West Twincourt Trail #601, St. Augustine, St Augustine, FL 32095

Website: baptistjax.com

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Posted at Apr, 03 2020

If possible I would give Dr. Fuentes 0 stars. Before meeting with him I met with Marla, a nurse practitioner whom I enjoyed. Fuentes, however, asked me within a few minutes of introducing himself to me why I thought I had been feeling anxious and depressed recently. First of all my records were sent to him from my previous Dr.'s office, and secondly he should have already read over the notes of my previous visit to know why I was there. It was a follow up appointment. "I have clinical depression and have been experiencing some trauma recently from some sexual abuse-" I began to say. Dr. Fuentes cut me off and told me that Marla had already discussed it with him and that I really needed to "put the past behind me" and "get over it and move on with my life". I left Baptist Primary Care crying out of rage of his ignorance towards mental illness and personal trauma as someone in a profession to help people. On top of this my father wrote an email regarding my experience to the hospital directly a week ago and has yet to receive a reply back. I am more than disappointed with how this man treated me and do not want to see any other rape or sexual abuse survivors have to go through the belittling of their trauma or the retelling of their story only to get cut off passively.

★ ★ ★ ★
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